14th BAIKA Annual Congress “Zulieferer Innovativ 2012” (July 2012 – Ingolstadt)

WZL presented CONEMO as one of its research activities. Especially presented was the planned research approach to identify and measure customer’s attention and how Eye-Tracking can be applied.

Steering committee (May 2012 - Valencia)

The steering committee of the Project has celebrated a meeting the 8th of May 2012 in IBV (Valencia – Spain). During this meeting FQS, WZL and IBV revised the work already done.

It was decided the practical cases that will prove the application of the methodology developped during the project. This methodology should relate design parameters with emotions. The minutes of the meeting and a new version of the dissemination plan is available for the partners in the documents section.

Hannover Trade Fair (April-2012)

At its booth, WZL introduced the project as one of its research activities and presented the usage of Eye-Tracking in CONEMO.

Valencia User Committee (March-2012)

IBV presents the case studies. Committee and users agreed how to prepare the images for the case studies.

Article published in IBV Journal 57
A new article published in IBV Journal 57 has been uploaded.

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