CORNET Monitoring Meeting (January 2013 – Vienna - Austria)

WZL will attend the meeting the 23th January 2013 in Vienna and present the results of the project already achieved.

5th Steering Committee (January 2013, Valencia)

The research performers of the project have celebrated a meeting the 10th and 11th of January 2013 at IBV (Valencia – Spain). During this meeting WZL and IBV revised the work already done and how the methodology of CONEMO has to be integrated into the product development process of SME. The structure and the contents of the guidelines for SME is approved.

German User Committee (July 2012 – Aachen)

WZL presented the concept of Emotional Quality Gates to the German SME.

4th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) (July 2012, San Francisco)

In the affiliated conference “1st International Conference on Affective and Pleasurable Design” of the AHFE 2012, the research performer of WZL presented the systematic methodology of CONEMO. The paper and the oral presentation were titled “Systematic Consumer Evaluation Measurement for Objectified Integration into the Product Development Process”.


Figure: Measuring customer evaluation on product alternatives in early phases of product development

DGQ Fachtagung/56th EOQ Congress/FQS Fachtagung (June 2012 – Wiesbaden and Frankfurt)

At a booth, WZL presented with the help of practical cases, posters, flyers and a video the usage of Eye Tracking in CONEMO as well as the general methodology of the project.


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