Researcher for mid-sized companies (FORSCHER Mittelstand – eine Leistungsshow zur IGF) (12th June 2013 – Berlin – Germany)

WZL was invited by the IGF to present the research topic of CONEMO at the “Leistungsshow zur IGF” in Berlin which was organized by the AiF and the BMWi.


Source: AiF

20th Innovationstag Mittelstand (16th May 2013 – Berlin – Germany)

As an exhibitor, the WZL attended the exhibition “Innovationstag Mittelstand” that was organized by the BMWi on 16th May 2013. There, the research project CONEMO was presented as one of WZL’s research activities. Especially, the use of Eye-Tracking was demonstrated

Final German User Committee (26th March – Aachen)

WZL presented the general methodology of CONEMO as well as selected project results. Specially, the template for the Quality Gate approach was presented and discussed with the companies because of their experiences. The meeting ended with the possible dissemination of the project results.

CORNET Monitoring Meeting

WZL attended the Cornet monitoring meeting the 23th January 2013 in Vienna.

Mr. Markus Köhler (WZL) presented the results of the project (the presentation is available in the download-section).

Mr. Köhler announced the publication of a Guidelines that will help small and medium companies to apply CONEMO results.

IBV publish special issue

IBV has published an special issue with all its projects funded with European regional development funds (FEDER). This issue includes an article about the conemo project. The article can be downladed here (spanish).

This issue is sent to 7,000 subscribers.


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