In a time of globalized markets and the increasing technical competence of low wage countries the importance of user centred design that enhances customers’ perception and perceived quality increases dramatically. A good understanding of user perception could be the difference between success and failure. This is especially important for European SMEs, because they cannot afford (time, money etc.) trials of different prototypes and re-design procedures. The SMEs need a methodology that enables them to assess customers’ emotions.

The main goals of CONEMO are to develop:

• a new testing service for SMEs, able to measure customers’ emotions and

• a Quality Gate systematics based on a criteria catalogue that contains descriptions and requirements, measurement parameters, product structure and product functions structure that secures a good consumer perception.

The aims of the research project CONEMO were successfully achieved.

In this project the customers’ perception of a product was investigated by means of objective parameters using physiological signals. Based on the results the researchers developed a new methodology and its implementation in the process of product design. The research investigated which parts of a product are in fact important to the customer and how an arrangement of parts will impress him.

The project CONEMO is funded through the CORNET program (collective research networking). The funding agencies are:

IMPIVA (Valencia/Spain): Operational Programme FEDER of the Comunidad Valenciana 2007-2013. Dossier number: IMDEEA/2012/39.

AIF (Germany): The CORNET promotion plan 47EN of the Research Community for Quality (FQS), August-Schanz-Str. 21A, 60433 Frankfurt/Main has been funded by the AiF within the programme for sponsorship by Industrial Joint Research and Development (IGF) of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technologies based on an enactment of the German Parliament.

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